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Guide to Southwest Wineries

Welcome to your single source for developing your own wine trails in the southwest.  This book on CD features over 250 producers of fine wines in  Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah, where the high desert creates that optimal climate of hot, dry days, and cool nights making it that perfect place to grow those perfect  grapes.  

This is an interactive book on CD which provides the location and details as to the specifics of the winery of interest, including their specialties, and tasting room details.  Each state has its own search file for simplicity. The CD begins with an index listing all the wineries profiled with hyperlinks to take you immediately to that winery’s profile.  At the beginning of each state chapter there is a map depicting each winery’s location with a hyperlink, making it easy for the user to map out their personalized Wine Trail.

The CD is in PDF format which uses Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  Most computers come with the software already loaded, but if not, it is a very simple and free download from the internet.

The use of this book on CD is very simple.  There is no internet needed and could be accessed not only through your home computer, but from any e-book reader. This enables the user to use this handy tool while traveling in their car, staying in their hotel, or virtually any place.

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